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    There’s only one thing worse than an insurance broker who tries to save you money by excluding items you really need…

    It’s thinking your long-haul insurance gives you the exact coverage you need, only to realize that you were never really covered when you go to make a claim.

    It’s not your fault.

    As your business grows, it’s gets harder to keep track of every little detail. You don’t need your insurance broker cutting corners to win your business. You need your broker to be a partner – one who works alongside you.

    Unfortunately, that’s hardly ever the case.

    Here’s the truth:

    Standard insurance policies for
    long-haul trucking are no longer enough

    You’ll pay too much… in damages not covered,
    for having coverage that you don’t need,
    or in fines for having the wrong type of coverage.

    Yet how do you know what’s enough or what you need coverage for?

    cargo containers

    • General Liability Insurance
    • Cargo Insurance
    • Bobtail Insurance
    • Physical Damage
    • Reefer Coverage
    • Uninsured Motorist
    • Trucker Liability
    • General Umbrella
    • Environmental Liability Insurance
    • Worker’s Comp Insurance

    It’s simply too much to keep up with.

    You need a trusted advisor dedicated
    to monitoring your insurance needs

    truck fleet owner 2

    Unless you have a trusted advisor or a staff fully and only dedicated to your trucking insurance needs, it’s only a matter of time before something slips through the cracks.

    When it comes to insurance, one small slip can cost millions.

    That’s where we come in.  Hallmark Global Consultants has been working with trucking company owners for over 10 years.

    We give every client the same high-level of attention; whether you have one truck or a whole fleet.

    In the course of that time, we’ve become more than an insurance broker for long-haul trucking, clients often consider us their partner.  Here’s why:

    What it means to have an insurance broker you can rely on for more than just the bare bones minimum

    1. Compliance: You’ll get our help to comply with FMCSA: The rules and regs around FMCSA can be intimidating.  FMCSA’s guide alone is 162 pages of technical jargon, regulations, and forms.
    2. Setup: We offer our assistance to make sure you get setup to get your motor carrier authority.
    3. 24/7 Availability: Your want an insurance agent that is available on your schedule – not just during set hours. We’ll provide you with ongoing support and response times are within 24 hours [graphic: 24 hr response time guarantee].
    4. Emergency Assistance: Our customers have access to an emergency number for immediate assistance, regardless of time.
    5. Verification: We help verify that you’re insured for the right types of cargo, and make sure values of coverage are matched up to the cargo.
    6. Claims handling: HGC handles your claims and walks you through the process.
    fuel tank truck
    materials truck
    truck loading cargo
    tanker truck

    Here’s an example of what this level of support
    means for you and your business

    One of our clients recently shared with me how our staff helped him.  He had a truck ready to pick up a load.

    Unfortunately he hadn’t yet realized there was a change in certificate of insurance, which meant the cargo couldn’t be picked up.

    As you know, a parked truck means the cash meter is running against you. Your driver isn’t getting paid if the truck isn’t moving and your the schedule for your next loads gets sidetracked.

    That’s when we got the midnight call…

    trucking customer support callOur team responded immediately when we received the call in the middle of the night.  We provided him with up-to-date endorsed certificates on the spot.  Here’s what that meant for him:

    • His truck wasn’t going to be parked overnight and lose a full day of generating income for  the business
    • His driver didn’t need to spend money staying overnight while the endorsed certificate was updated
    • His client was happy that his cargo would be delivered on schedule
    • His other clients weren’t burdened with rearranging their schedules with unexpected delays
    • Our client was fully compliant with the regs and could rest easy knowing that the cargo was fully insured

    This was just one small example
    of how we provide concierge-level service
    to our customers.

    Are you ready to experience concierge-level service
    from an insurance provider that can be counted on
    as a partner in your business?

    truck insurance customer support-2If you’re just looking for another quote, we may not be the right company for you.  Any insurance broker with half a team can provide you with a quote.

    However, if you want someone with experience in helping trucking companies, who can put on the hat of a business owner, and can even help you analyze how to strategically grow your business…

    …you owe it to yourself to take a few moments to talk to our team.  It won’t cost you anything and you’ve got everything to gain.

    Fill out the form below, and let’s chat about your needs.

    By the end of our conversation, you’ll have some clear direction on what to do with your long-haul trucking insurance coverage, regardless if you hire us for your insurance coverage.

    We look forward to serving you.

    Your truck equipment has to be roadworthy,
    So does your truck insurance

    Protect Yourself From Risk & Overinflated Coverage
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